Samsung UN55ES8000: A Quick Look into the Future

July 31, 2014

Samsung UN55ES8000
Samsung UN55ES8000, a 55-inch LED HDTV, is one of this year’s most anticipated product releases. It is simply state-of-the-art; a new breed of television that runs only on the most advanced technologies. With its more interactive features, it brings entertainment to a whole new level, making every watching experience the best bonding moment ever.

Samsung UN55ES8000 makes use of a full High Definition 3-Dimensional technology for the best picture quality. The television comes with pairs of 3D glasses, which, by the way, are comfortable to wear, and lets users enjoy TV time with vivid and more alive images. Its functions also include conversion from 2D to 3D, allowing users to better enjoy watching movies at home.

The Samsung UN55ES8000 operates on 1080p, offering a fine detail of display. Its improved dimming technology and its 240Hz refresh pace allow adjustments for clearer images and blur reduction, respectively.

Its audio output produces powerful sound, but may be enhanced by using speakers. However, good the sound its audio output provides does not match the ES8000’s unparalleled display capabilities.

It also is a smart TV, which provides for an array of miscellaneous signature services which further enhance user satisfaction. Its dual-core processors enable multi-tasking. This Smart LED HDTV lets users organize personal files such as photos and videos, launch different applications at the same time, browse the web for downloadable music, movies and applications, chat with friends through its social media feature, and even browse for applications on one side of the screen and watch TV on the other, simultaneously, while still maintaining an incredible speed.
The ES8000 may also be one of the most interactive LED TVs ever introduced as it offers advanced interaction technologies such as face and gesture recognition as well as voice activation and control. Say “Hi TV” and the ES8000 automatically turns on. Move and waive your hand in front of the screen and it will quickly display the menu control. The small hump on the top of the TV is a tiny camera for face recognition purposes.

Internet surfing is also one of this Smart TV’s greatest offers. Its built-in Wi-Fi enables easy, fast and full Internet access. The high-technology television also comes with a wireless, touch-pad, QWERTY remote control that lets users easily change between channels and other features. ES8000 is also wireless keyboard-compatible which makes web surfing even more enjoyable.

As to aesthetics, the Samsung UN55ES8000 is almost frameless, with super thin metallic bezel. The U-shaped stand and the silver finish also make the television more revolutionary-looking.

Setting up the television is a rather effortless job, especially if one is used to setting up LED HDTVs.
The sleek look of this one-of-a-kind smart TV makes it every family’s fantasy, but what really makes it very much sought after is that it is an all-in-one package.
It’s a television, a computer and every single device jammed into one and that is what makes it a rather worthy spending despite its price. Indeed, the splendor of the LED-based Samsung UN55ES8000 earns its rightful spot in every family’s living room.

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