Samsung UN55ES7500

July 31, 2014

The Samsung UN55ES7500, which is one of the world’s leading LED TVs share many of its siblings’ sophisticated technologies such as LED-LCD 3D technology, backlight technology, dimming technology, 1080p display format, dual core processor, 240 Hz refresh rate, smart interaction, and Internet streaming. Like the ES8000, it has a 0.2-inch thin bezel and a built-in camera and speaker on top.

It also comes with two pairs of 3D glasses and the QWERTY remote control. It, too, has built-in Wi-Fi, which enables quick and easy access to the Internet.

When compared to Samsung’s other higher-end LED TV models, ES7500 has its pros and cons. To begin with, the Samsung UN55ES7500 has a sleek design that goes well with most furniture pieces, whether quite casual or formal. It fits well in absolutely any part of the house and it may be mounted on the wall or simply set on its cool-looking spider stand that is the same as that of UND8000’s. But it is not all about aesthetics. The high-technology LED TV is a perfect choice for frugal users. It helps cut down electricity costs, without having to miss one’s favorite shows, with its dimming mode function and shutdown automation technology.

It is also relatively easy to set up because of minimal wiring. It is lightweight and thus, may be easily moved from one part of the room to another, without too much hassle.

On the downside, as regards some specifications, this model may seem inferior to other Samsung LED HDTV models available. For one, it runs on Clear Motion Rate 480, while the ES8000 runs on Clear Motion Rate 960, which allows better motion blur reductions. As to audio output, its built-in speakers do not provide as high quality sound as that other LED TV models provide. Its surround sound is pretty much not as striking as what other Samsung LED TV models offer.

As to picture quality, it offers clarity that is superior to many other brands of LED TV, but may be inferior to other Samsung LED TV models. However, it is still considered the best of its kind, as it may be one of the few affordable LED TV’s that offers high quality picture as well as other additional features such as smart interaction technology. Its face, gesture and voice recognition features let users interact with the state-of-the-art television with its motion detector and speakerphone. A waive of a hand in front of the glossy screen prompts the Samsung UN55ES7500 to show the menu control choices.

In summary, Samsung UN55ES7500 is a pretty good choice for people who do not have that high a budget which higher-end LED TV models require, who look forward to having the ultimate television viewing experience with the LED TV’s advanced 3D technology. This LED TV model is comparatively less expensive. It is a wise pick for those who want to invest in better entertainment without having to sacrifice other stuff. With its energy-saving feature, it will also help reduce monthly electricity bills and save money for other necessary stuff.

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