Samsung UN55ES6100

July 31, 2014

Samsung UN55ES6100
The display panel of Samsung UN55ES6100 is constructed with an approximate diagonal length of 55 inches. It is equipped with different features and web browsing function.

Samsung UN55ES6100 is designed with a display resolution capacity of 1920 by 1080. Its display resolution is designed with 1080p format. Its available 3D capability supports Active 3D technology. Its available refresh rate capacity is approximately 240 hertz. The technology of its video display employs the use of LED and LCD. The style of its LED backlighting system utilizes the use of Edge Light technology. Its image quality is designed with an aspect ratio of 16 is to 9. It is equipped with a Clear Motion Rate capacity of 240. It has Wide Enhancer Color Plus feature that extremely enhances the characteristics of image quality.

The design of its audio system is equipped with Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse and SRS TheaterSound HD. It is designed with 2 stereo speakers. Dolby Pulse and Dolby Digital Plus sound processors are designed to provide an efficient quality of sound output from different audio applications and devices. SRS TheaterSound HD system deeply increases the gravity and extent of audio output. Its stereo speaker is equipped with a sound output power of approximately 10 watts.

The available ports of Samsung UN55ES6100 are designed for Anynet+, digital sound output, component input, composite input, Ethernet, USB and HDMI connections. USB and HDMI connections are both provided with 3 input ports. Anynet+ connection provides input ports for different devices made by Samsung.

The built-in Wi-Fi hardware of Samsung UN55ES6100 provides the wireless website browsing ability. Smart TV and Smart Hub features provide the convenience of website browsing capability. Smart Hub feature provides the users with the ability to select and organize different applications in a single access spot. It also helps the users to choose an effective web browser. Smart TV feature permits the users to simultaneously browse for different websites and watch TV programs or movies. It supports browsing for video materials in YouTube, Hulu Plus and vudu websites. Its Samsung Social TV feature permits the users to communicate by the use of Google Talk, Facebook and Twitter.

Its ConnectShare Movie, Search All and AllShare Play features enable the users to easily search for, display and share different digital materials. Its Search All feature is capable of exploring and displaying web materials that are related to the streaming TV program or movie. It can also be used to identify the available devices that are connected to the HDTV. ConnectShare Movie permits the convenience of viewing images and videos from USB devices. AllShare Play feature provides the HDTV with the capability to wirelessly control and access digital materials from its compatible devices.

The Smart Content feature of Samsung UN55ES6100 is equipped with Signature Services. It has Kids Story, Fitness and Family Story Signature Services. Kids Story Service provides children with informative TV programs and witty games. Fitness Service provides the users with healthy routine with its video on demand tool. Family Story Service provides the ease of communicating with other family members.

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