Samsung UN55EH6000 Review

July 30, 2014

Samsung UN55EH6000

New Samsung UN55EH6000 Light Emitting Diode High Definition television sets (LED HDTV) have become very popular these past few years, especially with customers who enjoy watching movies and playing video games at home. An LED HDTV is equipped with a mirror microchip that allows colors on the screen to be changed in rapid succession. This ensures smooth transition between picture-images even when viewing in high speed, with the assurance that the images will not lag. Different electronics companies have been focusing on manufacturing LED HDTV, and one of the major producers is Samsung. Samsung’s LED HDTVs’ best feature is superior picture quality, where the use of dimming technology allows it to attain very high contrast levels. Samsung LED HDTVs also include Wise Link pro, which allows customers to access movies, games, and exercise routines, as well as view pictures with very high resolutions.

Last February 5, 2012, Samsung released its latest offering in terms of LED HDTV. The Samsung UN55EH6000, which rank at number 1200 in Amazon in terms of Home theater, measure with the height of 31.10 inches, the width of 49.20 inches, and weighing 51.10 pounds with 55 inches display size. Its key features includes Clear Motion rate of 240, Wide Color Enhance Plus, Energy Star V5.3 Compliance, Eco Sensor, ConnectShare Movie, and HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface).


The Clear Motion rate of 240 allows sharp picture quality, especially when watching fast-moving images such as in action movies. The Clear Motion Rate measures how well an LED TV can illustrate fast-moving subjects. A CMR of 240 to 480 can display very fast movements with sharper details and deep levels of contrast, at the same time eradicating image distortion. The Samsung UN55EH6000 also features Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which allows viewers to see the picture color the way the director has intended. This feature allows viewers to see remarkably vibrant and at the same time very natural-looking images. Another key feature is the ConnectShare Movie, where you can play music, videos and view photos directly from the USB connection without the use of separate gadgets like PC. Just plug the USB to Samsung TV’s USB port, and you can directly access all the files from the USB. The High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a high quality single cable audio/visual interface that connects the TV to different gadgets such as digital cable box, DVD and Blu-ray Disc, personal computers and tablets. This feature eliminates the tangle of different cables used in connecting with the various devices, which is usually a problem with a home theater set up.


The Samsung UN55EH6000 is also included with the Eco Sensor, which allows the Eco light sensor to measure the room’s light and automatically adjust the brightness of the screen. This optimizes the viewing experience and at the same time saves energy in the process. In lieu with this, the Samsung UN55EH6000 has the Energy Star V 5.3 Compliance, meaning the product meets the requirements that include: lower utility bills, more energy savings, and leaves minimal carbon footprint on the environment.

Custormer Review By JK Cal
I was originally looking for the D6000, but I wait too long and it went end of life. I checked out the specs on the e series and they were the same as the d series. I purchased the TV from VANNS who had no sales tax and no shipping cost. So a great deal right off the top. The TV showed up and took be about 30 minutes to unbox and setup. The instructions were very straight forward and intuitive. I had to do some tweaking with the color settings but that did not take long.

The color on the set is absolutely amazing, I cannot believe how vibrant the colors are on the screen. It feels like the people are standing in the room with you. I love this TV, Samsung did a wonderful job on this set. I would buy this set again in a minute. One thing to take into account is that I was not looking for a TV with 3D, WIFI or apps so this was a great fit for me. If you are looking for a great TV for a good price and provides a true entertainment explosion for your eyes, this is the TV for you.

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