Samsung UN32EH4000

July 31, 2014

Are you looking for the perfect LED? Does your eye hurt from the clarity of the new high end television models? Then the Samsung UN32EH4000 is definitely an offer you can’t resist. Here are some of the features and technical descriptions to guide you on what to expect about this brilliantly crafted television.

The Samsung UN32EH4000 has a high definition image quality on a LED screen. This means that you have clear and crisp pictures while your television screen automatically manages its color and brightness in response to the light of your room.

The Clear Motion Rate 60 feature allows you to watch the scenes in a continuous mode avoiding lapses in your images. These image lapses often take place when the scenes that are shown on TV are fast moving like race cars, action packed scenes or fast plays in sports. The Clear Motion Rate 60 makes you see the different aspects as they happen.

It uses a Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology that delivers more brilliant colors, even in bright areas of the image where the blues and the greens are often white in conventional panels. The system has a wider color range that features the true colors of the images that are shown on your TV screens.

It has a Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse or a digital surround sound that makes both the background and the voice audible. This also produces a strong bass but enough not to damage the sub woofer of your speakers.

The ConnectShare Movie allows you to link your multimedia storage to your television so that you can maximize the possibilities of its function. This allows you to watch movies from your thumb drives, listen to music from your mp3 players or even view photographs from your digital camera.


This Samsung TV model weighs only 12.60 lbs that allows you to manage its position whenever you feel like relocating it. The 32” screen lets you watch TV properly. It allows you to see subtitles and read them clearly.

It is a measure of total entertainment in only one appliance. Because the images are clear, you will not consider buying a new television until you feel the need to have an upgrade. And since it can be linked to your various multimedia devices, you may save on buying an extra DVD player because you already have them installed in your USB. You may also drop the idea of purchasing anew stereo since you can connect it to your mp3 player and listen to music on surround sound.

If you are not so techie and you prefer having your internet activities on your computer, this is the TV that suits you. However, since it is a series 4 television, it is also not 3D ready which may be a downfall if it’s what you’re looking for.

You can avail of the Samsung UN32EH4000 at an affordable price of only $379.70. If you want to experience television viewing at its best, this product is just a phone call away.

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