Samsung PN51E490

July 31, 2014

The popularity of 3D viewing has already reached the households. Today, you do not need to go to the movie theater to enjoy 3 dimensional viewing for you can already have this kind of recreation at the convenience of your own entertainment room. Because of its growing demand, Samsung PN51E490 was developed to bring 3D compatibility to every American home.

The Samsung PN51E490 ha several features that appeal to the senses.
The 600Hz Subfield motion technology gives the smoothest lifelike action you’ll see in Plasma.

Samsung Active 3D:

Experience_vividSince it is 3D-capable, it provides a strong illusion of dimensionality when used with proper 3D equipments. The TV displays double images that are resolved into a single 3D image when viewed using the 3D glasses. This gives you the feeling of actually being in the scene where you can almost touch the objects on you television screen. However, they can also function in 2D when fed with 2D images. The great thing is that you can convert 2D images to 3D.

Wi-Fi –Ready
This model is Wi-Fi ready but will only function with an optional LinkStick that is sold separately.

ConnectShare Movie:

ConnectShare_MovieConnectShare Movie

You can easily view the contents of your memory sticks by simply plugging it to the television.


+ 1″ Design

By narrowing the bezel of the TV, a larger screen is achieved. The additional inch of TV viewing can fit into spaces where TVs of the same size cannot.

Eco Sensor:
The Eco Sensor controls the amount of light that is used to create images as the TV adjusts its own light by automatically adjusting the image’s brightness.

Real Black Panel:
This delivers bolder hues and higher contrast by providing darker and deeper black levels. This improves the quality of the images that are shown on TV.

Wide Color Enhancer Plus:

It produces natural looking images by seemingly bringing objects to life on your screen. This is through vibrant colors that are so real and exactly the same as how the director wants it to be.

600Hz Subfield Motion:
It produces quality images regardless of the motion of the objects.

Clear Image Panel:
This is a new type of filter used in Samsung plasma televisions to remove layered images from all angles. It avoids dual images that cause blurring with glass filters.

Dolby Digital Plus
A surround sound system that caters to your 3D viewing needs. Of course, a beautiful visual deserves a beautiful audio. Both of these are featured in this Samsung Plasma TV. It also features an SRS Theater Sound that delivers surround sound using built-in TV speakers to simulated surround sound experience.


High-Definition Multimedia Interface connects your TV to the cable or satellite box, the DVD or DVR and to your PC by using a single cable digital audio / video interface.

USB movie capability allows storage devices to link with your TV for video streaming.

Therefore if you love 3D, you’ll definitely love the new Samsung PN51E490.

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