Panasonic TC-P55GT50 Review

July 30, 2014

A World of Possibilities with the Panasonic TC-P55GT50
Today’s innovations in information and communication technology have allowed for a wide array of opportunities for home entertainment. Aside from the personal computer and several video game consoles, the home television is also getting in on the action with a wide array of features designed to deliver Internet access directly to the TV sets. The Panasonic VIERA TC-P55GT50 55-Inch 1080p Full HD 3D Plasma TV delivers all these and more, with a suite of brand-new features that puts Internet, high-quality television shows and a barrage of online movies all in the palm of your hand.

The Panasonic TC-P55GT50 delivers only the clearest, most colorful images thanks to the Neo Plasma Black 2500 FDD (Focused Field Drive), which turns the most blurred images to crisp, high-definition television shows and movies. Plus, every Panasonic high-definition television comes with VIERA Connect, a cloud computing feature that allows for remote control of other Panasonic VIERA Connect devices as well as high-speed online videos streaming from websites such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and many more.

Positive Comments

Many online reviewers were satisfied with the Panasonic TC-P55GT50’s performance. Picture quality and configuration was one of the most complimented points of the TC-P55GT50. One reviewer mentioned that the Panasonic TC-P55GT50 had one of the best out-of-the box picture quality settings that he had ever seen, in addition to lauding the set’s color and contrast controls. One reviewer mentioned that many of Panasonic’s television sets were commendable in terms of picture quality configuration settings.

Another reviewer praised the TC-P55GT50’s vibrant colors and wide array of black levels, saying that Panasonic pushed the TC-P55GT50 to a higher level of picture quality. Other reviewers praised the television set for its detail rendering, with one reviewer calling the quality nothing short of astounding. Other reviewers praised the TC-P55GT50’s online capabilities, with the VIERA Connect feature receiving rave reviews. One customer mentioned that the TC-P55GT50’s VIERA connection to Netflix worked smoothly, while another praised VIERA Connect for its apps and movie-on-demand features.

Negative Comments

Some reviewers commented on the need for additional HDMI ports – one reviewer mentioned that they preferred additional ports besides the two ports already included. Another reviewer was concerned about the positioning of the HDMI ports, saying that they were placed too close to the side of the cabinet. As a result, some HDMI cables required a bit of adjusting.

Other reviewers mentioned the need for professional calibration as a source of concern, although several of the reviews maintained that the Panasonic TC-P55GT50’s standard picture quality was superior. Despite a few issues here and there, most of the reviewers praised the TC-P55GT50’s quality, with issues isolated only to minimal secondary hardware concerns.

Your home will never be the same with the Panasonic TC-P55GT50 and its wide array of features. With its state-of-the-art image quality and picture technology exclusive only to Panasonic, you’ll never have to look for a new flat screen television set again. Stay connected online, watch movies or stream your favorite shows – it’s all possible with the P55GT50. Connect, communicate, sit back and relax with Panasonic!

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