Panasonic TC-P50XT50 Review

July 30, 2014


The Panasonic TC-P50XT50 is a 50-inch, 720p, active 3D, Plasma HDTV that provides consumers with great 3D and HD experience at an affordable price. Although this model does not provide a full HD resolution, with only 720p, the price still makes it worth it considering its 720p resolution and plasma screen.

A 720p programming is not a big issue for a regular person’s needs. Most cable and satellite providers are still using a programming of 720p or 1080i, which does not really require the need of having a 1080p TV. Games are also typically programmed in 720p. However, when using Blu-Rays and other 1080p programmed content, the source material should down scaled in order to be compatible with the XT50.
A 600Hz sub field drive is also installed in this model that is technology used by Panasonic for image-analysis. It functions by converting the motion in each scene to many frames and displays it a shorter duration making the motion and video more detailed. The XT50 also features a Vivid Color Creation feature that automatically corrects images to provide a brilliant viewing experience.
The 3D performance of the Panasonic TC-P50XT50 is much better compared to a passive 3D TV in 1080p since it uses an active 3D feature. It provides 720 lines of vertical resolution and shows good detail in 3D viewing. Its black level and contrast is not as good as the more expensive models but if it is compared to other Plasma TVs at the same price range, it is evident that the XT50 surpasses all of its competitors. The drawback for active 3D models is that the cost of a pair of shutter glasses is relatively high compared to the conventional polarized glasses. However, a high quality 3D experience can only be achieved with an active 3D model. It is up to the consumer’s needs and requirements to weigh the difference between an active and passive 3D TV.
Viewing experience with a Panasonic TC-P50XT50 is very convenient with its improved side angle viewing wherein full contrast is maintained at every viewable angle. It also features a web smoother, 2D-3D conversion, and 24p Cinema Smoother. The Web Smoother feature helps in creating a clear image of contents that are taken from the internet like streaming videos or viewing pictures. Video recordings and even still images can be recreated using the XT50 to convert a 2D content to a 3D view. Lastly, the 24p Cinema smoother is a technology used by Panasonic to increase the number of frames per second in a scene from a film and display it in the TV at rate of 30 to 60 frames per minute.


Onboard speaker systems provide a very good sound quality that is even better than some other more expensive models. The dialogues are also highly audible and easily understood. In addition, the Panasonic TC-P50XT50 also has the great internet and connectivity feature similar to other Panasonic models. The Plasma HDTV can be used to surf websites, can display videos and content from the device to the TV and vice versa, as well as play games and make use of control inputs with the use of tablets and smartphone with touch and on-board screen features.

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