Panasonic TC-L42E50

July 30, 2014


The Panasonic TC-L42E50 – The Epitome of Home Entertainment
Search no more for this is one of the most superior high-definition television sets around – the Panasonic VIERA TC-L42E50 42-Inch 1080p Full HD IPS LED-LCD TV guarantees one of the best HD experiences around, while adding more pow to your television use thanks to dozens of online features and external media capabilities. Panasonic, creator of the world’s best HD television sets, blends beauty and performance together to create a product that’s as sleek as it is powerful.

Now, you and every single member of the family can enjoy the full movie or television experience from anywhere in your living room, thanks to the Panasonic TC-L42E50’s 178° viewing angle! This angle ensures glare reduction, prevents discoloration, and provides only the cleanest image output possible.

Why limit your viewing experience to what’s on television or your DVD collection? Thanks to the Panasonic TC-L42E50’s built-in VIERA Connect feature, you can explore, browse, and stream all your favorite movies and TV shows from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and many other applications!
Positive Comments

Most of the customer reviews were unanimous in praising the Panasonic TC-L42E50 for its high-class picture quality. One reviewer said that the TC-P55GT50’s picture quality was the sharpest that they’ve seen so far, while another reviewer commended the number of available configuration settings. Another reviewer praised the wide-angle capacity of the TC-P55GT50, saying that they were able to enjoy watching from various angles. Another reviewer said that the picture quality enabled them to enjoy different shows at the same superior quality, be it sports, news or entertainment.

Other reviewers praised the number of HDMI ports available for external media. One reviewer lauded the feature, saying that it was a preferable alternative to having to change devices when the need arises. In general, most reviewers agreed that the TC-L42E50 was great and economic choice for a flat screen Internet-capable television set. Some reviewers also considered VIERA Connect to be a fine additional feature for the TC-L42E50.
Negative Comments

One of the most common issues among reviewers of the television set was the sound quality. One reviewer mentioned that the audio output was reasonable for an average flat screen television set, but suggested that others might prefer to connect speakers for a better listening experience. Other reviewers found some of the online streaming capabilities of the TC-L42E50 to be a cause for some concern – one reviewer mentioned that streaming from some choice video-on-demand sites caused some flickering on the display. Despite some rare issues, most of the reviewers recommended the Panasonic TC-L42E50 as a potential flat screen television set to other online consumers.


Panasonic has remained one of the most prominent creators of home entertainment appliances for several years, and with marvels such as the TC-L42E50, it’s not hard to wonder why. Many reviewers have praised the Panasonic line of products for its innovative improvements, and this television set is the fruit of that dedication. Astounding picture quality, a wide range of configuration settings for the most specific of image enthusiasts, and high-quality wireless access to online and external content make the TC-L42E50 a must have for any home or entertainment center. For a great television set, don’t miss out on the Panasonic TC-L42E50!

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