Panasonic TC-L32X5 Review

July 30, 2014


Throughout the years, Panasonic has proven its name in the world of electronics. The brand stands for durability, style and impeccable quality. This 2012, Panasonic has released several TV models and series to suit your various lifestyles.

One in particular is the Panasonic TC-L32X5. If you are looking for a perfect TV in full HD and a size that would fit your bedroom, this television is one of the best and smart choices. It is primarily built for bedroom or small room viewing purposes. This model is even ideal for independent men or women who needs to take a break and relax from a busy day.

The TV model is a 32” television with a progressive HDTV signal of 720p. Although there are higher HDTV signal for higher pixel images, 720p is still an ideal TV to buy considering its affordable price and its capability to even show good pictures and provide excellent gaming experience. Having a wide 60Hz LCD panel with LED back lighting and a glossy black bezel with metallic and acrylic embellishments, this slim and neat TV fits just fine in small rooms to not overpower the space.

The picture quality of Panasonic TC-L32X5 has less impact compared to other new TV releases lately; however, it is considered to project excellent pictures in accordance to its affordable price and intended location and service. Moreover, the model accentuated 178o viewing angle due to Panasonic’s newly developed High Sensitivity Sensor which ensures a uniform picture color and clarity from every seat. The good quality image of the model is owed on its IPS LED LCD Panel.

Panasonic TC-L32X5 showcases its versatility of having a media player that can support several file types and different kind of jacks such as SD card, Integrated ATSC Tuner, HDMI Input, USB 2.0, Analogue Audio Input, PC input, Digital Audio Output and many more. Now that there are so many ways to capture and retrieve data and multimedia files, a television that can execute these functions is something to take advantage of. It is so fascinating how a simple television before can now be used as a media player. Technology and electronics always works hand in hand to discover and utilize products’ full potential.
In addition, this TV model has several other features that you might be interested to note and ponder. For one, this TV has a game mode for game fanatics. It has a trilingual menu for the benefit of its diverse customers. Also, TC-L32X5 just like any other Panasonic television has a surround and excellent quality of sound with two built-in speakers operating at full range X 2 with an audio output of 20W. Most of all, this TV has an automatic power saving function which turns off the power when there is no activity or signal detected at a specific time, and adjusts the brightness depending on VIERA’s operating status. Having all these functions in one TV at a budget price seems to be a good catch. See for yourself.

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