July 31, 2014

What the LG 50PA6500 has to Offer

If you want to have your own entertainment at the convenience of your own home, if you love the idea of being in the picture or of feeling like you can reach and touch what’s before your eyes, then the new LG 50PA6500 is right for you.

Below are some of the specifications that you might be looking for:

Screen Specifications:
The screen size is 49.9″ diagonal that makes your viewing cinematic.
It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080p that makes pictures sharp and colors clear.
It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 3M:1 that keeps the images in right shapes and sizes despite the wide screen of your TV.
It has a protective skin glass that avoids the panel from scratches.
ISM (Image Sticking Minimization) wherein you can freeze images from your videos.
600Hz Sub Field Driving
Audio Specifications:
You can choose from Mono, Stereo or Dual in its 1 way 2 speakers but the sound it produces is in Dolby Digital Decoder which means that it comes out in digital surround sound.
It has an onscreen equalizer wherein you can choose any of the 5 sound modes: standard, music, cinema, sport and game.
Convenience Features:
It comes in four languages for easier access. These are English, Spanish, French and Korean. You can easily program it thru auto tuning and likewise, you can easily add your favorite channels and delete those you don’t like.
If you are already enticed by the specifications, wait ’til you learn about the key features that are only found in the new LG 50PA6500.

Triple XD Engine:
The TRIPLE XD Engine has 3 major properties. The Dynamic Color Enhancer provides superior color, while the Contrast Optimizer and the Resolution Upscaler enables your LED TV to present finest details in a spectacular manner.
Full HD 1080p Resolution:
This feature makes the photos so real that you won’t believe you’re just watching TV.

600Hz Max Sub Field Driving:
This allows the images to move continuously as they happen in the movie. It eliminates blurring of the movements that destroys the flow of the actions in what you are watching.

Super Black Panel:
It has a super black panel that does not allow any leak of white light from its screen.
Smart Energy Saving:
It has a smart energy saving feature that automatically dims or brightens the light depending on the amount of light it receives from the outside. This allows you to cut your electricity bill because you don’t need the same amount of energy when running an LED from a traditional CRT.
Intelligent Sensor:
The Intelligent Sensor calibrates the brightness and the color of the screen based on the lighting condition of the room. This makes viewing more comfortable because it automatically eliminates the glare that is caused by the bright screen and lights.
Clear Voice II:
The Clear Voice II enhances and magnifies the frequency range of the human voice to help keep dialogue pleasing to the ears when background noise becomes louder.
Picture Wizard II:
The Picture Wizard II makes the intelligent sensor’s work easier by enabling you to calibrate the color, brightness and even sharpness of you images on screen. It also gives you a recommendation on how the image should ideally look like for easier calibration.
Despite the 50” size of this television, it comes at a less than 1” width which makes it super slim.

So if you’re looking for the best wide screen plasma that will fit your entertainment area to provide the amusement you’ve always dreamed of, the new LG 50PA6500 will surely find a place in your home.

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