LG 47LM7600 Review

July 30, 2014



This Korean consumer electronics manufacturer has long been regarded as arguably the best television manufacturer because of the picture quality as well as the durability of the television sets that they manufacture. In recent years however, consumer electronics powerhouses like Sony and Samsung, have had more innovations especially in the brand new field of 3D Television sets. Not to be outdone, LG has come out with the LG 47LM7600 Cinema Screen LED 3D television set which is said to be their answer to Samsung and Sony’s product outings. Showcased during this years’ Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the 47 inch LED 3D Television set carries the hope of the Korean Manufacturer in cornering the emerging market for 3D televisions.


So what does the LG 47LM7600 Cinema Screen LED 3D TV offer that its competitors don’t have? One thing that people will immediately notice about the 47 inch Cinema Screen LED 3D TV is that its bezel is quite thin. Compared to Samsung’s offering last year the UND8000, the 47LM7600 has a bezel that’s 0.197 mm thin bezel which is quite thin. In fact this feature makes the Cinema Screen the television set with the thinnest bezel. So design wise the Cinema Screen is arguably better because of the nearly all picture look it has because of the thin bezel.


Another feature of the LG 47LM7600 that people who want to buy it need to pay attention to is Cinema 3D and Dual Play. Cinema 3D or passive 3D is basically a technology backed by LG and Vizio. And although there aren’t that many technical differences between passive 3D and active 3D, the main difference is mostly on the pricing. With passive 3D glasses costing around 10 times less than an active 3D glass, this would just mean a lot of savings for anybody buying the technology.


The LG 47LM7600 Cinema Screen 3D LED TV is a powerhouse of a television set that isn’t necessarily that costly. With a bevy of connectivity options from USB, HDMI, as well as Wi-Fi, the 47 inch 3D LED TV from LG has surely made a big impression on the people who have seen what it can do up close. Also because of its Wi-Fi Connectivity getting access to Netflix, Hulu Plus and as well as VUDU got a lot easier. This time around, people will not be needing media streaming devices that would only add clutter to anybody’s desk.


And although other offerings from LG like the LM9600 and LM8600 also have Cinema Screen, but since the LG 47LM7600 Cinema Screen 3D LED Television sets will be a lot cheaper it will probably be a decent investment for people who want in on 3D and who want to experience the technology in the comfort of their living rooms. It is important to remember though that the LM7600 series also comes with a 47 inch variant which has a slightly lower refresh rate but nevertheless will still get the job done. Either way getting any of the LG LM7600 variants will be the best investment anyone will ever have in his or her life.


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Cutomer Reviews

I was walking through Best Buy a couple of weeks ago and the picture on this TV stopped me in my tracks! (seriously.) The Best Buy sales person stated it was running on the store’s 720p satellite, which, if true, was even more stunning! The TV itself is sleek and sexy and minimalist. I love how there is virtually no physical border around the top and sides of the screen which is a great space-saver (you don’t have a 2″ plastic frame around the picture, reducing bulk.

After getting it home it was packed amazingly and the stand was very sturdy and assembled quite easily. The TV itself was heavier than I thought it would be so it took two people to get it up on the TV stand.

Generous HDMI inputs as well as an optical and composite for older tech like my older Bose lifestyle home theater. I plan on hooking my new Mac Mini to this as the monitor. DROOL!

The 3D is very nice and, in my opinion, better than the movie theater. I am not real informed on the differences between passive and active 3D glasses, other than one uses batteries and electronic shuttering and the others are, well, glasses with one side darker than the other. This is a passive TV and things are stunning and the TV comes with 6 pair. Also, if you need extra glasses for a larger group or replacement, the Real-D movie theater glasses work great so just bring a pair home…

In regards to the on-board speakers, I never use them. If you have a TV this awesome you need a home theater with surround. Kind of like buying a corvette with a 4-cylinder in it. They are unobtrusive but do add to the bulk and weight of the unit and I wish they could be detached.

The picture was great right out of the box but I have a very keen eye and I knew some adjustments needed to be made. LG has great software and a plethora of adjustment options, some fairly complicated for more advanced users. I would recommend putting the picture type on “vivid”. It will blow your mind! The picture and contrast and color are incredible. I will say that animated features are stunning! Just Stunning. I recommend watching Puss In Boots 3D Bluray and the animated movie “9” on Bluray (non-3D) to see what I am talking about. I watched Tangled on Bluray last night and…wow!

Other reviewers mentioned “edge flashing” or “bleed” and I have noticed this as well, but only on menus and things, NEVER when it counts, like during a movie. Blacks are inky and nice.

The magic remote is nice and if you have played a Wii you will be right at home. Overall I feel it works well but needs some accuracy tweaking.

On-board 2D-3D conversion is pretty cool but not as good as something filmed in 3D.

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