LG 47LM6200

July 30, 2014

LG 47LM6200

One of the best invention in the electronic industry by LG. The latest LG 47LM6200 HDTV is a gadget that everyone should have at least one set placed at home.

This LG 47LM6200 provide 3D effect and with its excellent picture experience that their 3D lightweight glasses given, which comes in 6 sets. So far, there isn’t a brand giving 6 sets of 3D glasses, mostly it say it is sold separately.These 3D glasses is just like the ones we have in the cinema, therefore it do not need batteries or even any recharging functions. Isn’t it cool?


LG 47LM6200 is the first HDTV that provide not only 3D viewing but also 3D sound zooming system where you can enjoy both the sound and picture with excellent pleasure. It will be even more enjoyable when you are with your loved ones enjoying the precious moments together. Other HDTV provide 3D effects too but failed to provide the perfect sound system to match viewing perfectly.


If you do not have the 3D glasses, no fear. Their 2D image is as good as other HDTV. They are still able to deliver every single details found in their 2D form.

What is even better, is the magic remote control. By waving your hands, you can select a feature on the TV. Isn’t it easier than to locate a remote control where you forget where you have place it the last time round? Well, to me, it do help as I am a forgetful person and misplaced my items regularly. With this, I can forgo a remote control and operate it just at my spot.

Compare to other HDTV, this LG 47LM6200 save up to 30% energy, be it on active or standby mode which helps to save your rising electricity bills. This will not be saved if you purchase other HDTV brands out in the market.


What’s more is the in-built sensor that this LG 47LM620 do adjustment automatically for you, to let you have the best lighting and colour for viewing. So far, this technology only apply to handphone which is amazing that LG 47LM6200 manage to built it in. Most HDTV out in the market do not come with this in-built technology which makes it troublesome as you need to adjust your own setting when you are watching a movie. This function, not only save my time in setting but also let me enjoy the movie throughout.



You do not have to go cinema to enjoy the theater like feel, you can do it all with LG 47LM6200. Even asking friends along to join in the fun of watching movie at your own time and space without people blocking your views or making necessary calls in the cinemas.


For me personally, I love my LG 47LM6200, will not consider other brands of HDTV as this is an excellent HDTV that I have came across. It has all the features that I need to sit comfortably at the sofa without much movement. So if you are looking for a HDTV, why not give LG 47LM6200 a try. You will be loving it in no time.

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